Extra Life 2016

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I'm participating in Extra Life again this year. Extra Life is great! Video games + helping children, »

Run - 9/4/16

This run is 2 days late. I was supposed to do my 7 min Tempo run on Friday, but we had plans. I was supposed to »

Run - 8/31/16

This was a Recovery Run, so 10 minutes at an easy pace. During this run, I learned something about myself and my body. I learned that »

Run - 8/29/16

😩 That was not fun. Today was a Long Run - 20 minutes, comfortable pace. My legs were exhausted. I had to walk nearly half of it, »

Run - 8/28/16

Yesterday's run was a Recovery. 10 minutes, easy pace. I didn't feel like I needed a recovery, but I played along. For this run, my slowest »

Run - 8/27/16

Whew! Today's run was a Benchmark run. I ran outside. In Texas. In August. Even at 9 AM, it's hot and humid. 😩 It wasn't exactly fun, »

Run - 8/25/16

👋 I'm trying something new. I'm starting to run, again. This time, I'm holding myself accountable, while also publicly tracking my progress. So without more context than »