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FitBit By Bit

I have a tendency to check apps on my phone throughout the day. I'm aware of this, and I do as much as possible to prevent it. Recently I decided to clean up my home screen. Instead of a full page of apps that I would juggle all day, I'm limiting myself to 12. Eight apps up top and four in the gutter. The rest go into a folder that gets opened sparingly.

All the apps I have out in the open I either use continuously during my day or I'm keeping them front and center for habit-forming reasons. You can see the groups of four that I've split them into. On the left is the oft-used section and the right is for my habitual group. The newest addition to the habit group is the app I want to talk about today.

FitBit has been a godsend for me. Sure, it's only been a few days, but just in these 72 hours I've exercised, walked, and eaten better than I have in years. It's amazing, and it's all because I'm being held accountable by a dashboard of personal health statistics.

At the moment these numbers look rather dismal, but at least you can see what keeps me motivated. This evening, in order to meet my goals, I'll be going for a run. Or maybe a bike ride. Better yet, the gym. It really doesn't matter.

The point is this app, along with the Charge HR band, has given me enough of a push that I'm actually changing my life for the better. It's a change that I have been wanting to make for awhile now, but I guess I never had the metrics to see my progress on a micro level. Sometimes a daily step onto the scale isn't enough.

I plan to post regular updates about my fitness progress so stay tuned!