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Found My iPhone

My fiancé left her phone on the bus today.

We got it back.

Luckily, it was the bus that only drives around downtown. If it were a commuter or city bus, that phone would have been long gone.

Here's the series of events:

After work, she'll take the bus down to my office (and the car we drive home in) instead of walking. She got to my office and started frantically searching for her phone. No luck. I assumed it was still on the bus but we retraced her steps back to the bus stop just in case. Again, no luck.

In the meantime, she was using her company-issued phone to log into Find My iPhone. Luck! The phone was following the exact route of the bus. So we chased it. Across downtown. I had her grab my stuff and I ran after it. Once I caught the bus (10 blocks later), I was told they needed her to claim it. Fair enough. I rode around until we caught back up with her and she claimed her phone and everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.

TL;DR Find My iPhone saved us $700