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Lonely One

Lonely One is a golf game. Playing as a (mostly naked?) man, your job is to hit the ball into the cup on the first shot of each hole. If you miss, you lose one of three lives.

It sounds easy, and for the most part it is. That is, until you have to hit the ball into a random head with an open mouth with gusts of wind, or other weird things of that nature. The good news is, if you get a "perfect" - hole in one with no bounces - you get an extra life.

All of that is great, but my favorite feature is the way you can "cancel" your shot. If you have an iPhone 6s, you can just 3D Touch the screen and it will cancel your shot. It's not revolutionary, but it's a neat implementation of a new iOS feature.

Lonely One is a game I'll most likely end up playing in small spurts when I have ten minutes to spare. Worth a pickup, and it's free.

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