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Quick Review: Sound Intone CX-05 Over-the-Ear Headphones

I bought these last week and have been enjoying them since. Paying just over $20 USD, I am very happy with the build and sound quality. I've listed out some pros and cons below but these are all viewed through the lens of a $20 pair of headphones. I'm no audiophile, my goal isn't to get the best possible sound out of something. I want something that's good enough for regular use in transit and the home office. Something I won't feel too guilty about if they get dropped or scratched occasionally.

What I Like

  • Good sound balance. More bass than I was expecting, treble doesn't sound tinny

  • Excellent build quality. Feels very sturdy. They look pretty good, too.

  • They're foldable, which is perfect for my use. The folding part is a metal hinge

What I Don't Like

  • Bass feel a bit too heavy at times, almost as if it's overcompensating. Maybe I just haven't found the sweet spot yet, though

  • This is a personal one, but over-the-ear headphones always end up hurting my ears after a short while of wearing them. Like they're squeezing too tight and squishing my ears up against my head. I've had some that are worse, but these still do that


Would buy again, especially at this price point.