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Run - 8/28/16

Yesterday's run was a Recovery. 10 minutes, easy pace. I didn't feel like I needed a recovery, but I played along.

For this run, my slowest pace was 10'02" and my fastest was 8'47", with an average of 9'28". I trust these numbers much more than what I was getting on the treadmill, which had me at 8'14" for 10 minutes. I'll be there one day, but not today.

Here's a recap of my week, courtesy of Nike:

It's nice they do this, but 15'23" average pace?! Where did they even get that number? That's slower than I walk!

It doesn't matter. On to Week 2. This week's schedule is 4 runs:

  • Monday: Long Run - 20 min, comfortable pace
  • Wednesday: Recovery - 10 min, easy pace
  • Friday: Tempo - 7 min, quick pace
  • Sunday: Recovery - 10 min, easy pace

Header image courtesy of Placemat
Graph image courtesy of nike.com
Screenshot from Nike+ Run Club App